Benefits Education

One to One Benefits Counseling

Employees typically feel more comfortable having their specific questions or concerns addressed in a one-on-one setting. While technological solutions have come a long way to address a benefits enrollment process, they often miss the mark in truly educating employees about their needs. We provide a personal, face-to-face enrollment opportunity, along with a hi-tech enrollment platform to all employees, regardless of their work location or schedule. Our preferred method is in-person, but we have solutions to accommodate all employees’ needs.

Face to Face Enrollments
We have access to professionally trained, licensed Benefits Counselors all around the country. Whenever possible, we deploy our local counselors to the actual job-site to perform an enrollment. This preferred method can even be used by smaller locations, often with as few as five benefits-eligible employees. We have bilingual Benefits Counselors available to meet the needs of an increasingly-diverse workforce.

Call Center Enrollments
We have dedicated toll-free lines and call center staff to support employees who are unable to attend a face-to-face session due to scheduling conflicts or remote work location. Our telephonic team is licensed in all states and can support employee enrollments in multiple languages as well. This is a great solution for clean-up at open enrollment or for new hires throughout the year.

Co-browsing combines the convenience of telephonic enrollment with the visual aids of face-to-face. Using web-collaboration software, we can connect the Benefits Counselor to the employee’s computer terminal to guide them through the enrollment platform.

Educational Materials

We can provide customized educational websites which provide access to client documents and plan information as well as decision support tools to assist with open enrollment transactions.

Electronic Media
We have provided multiple custom electronic media solutions that range from simple Powerpoint presentations and e-mail campaigns all the way to text blasts and robo-dialers to drive enrollment engagement. Our team works closely with our clients, brokers and consultants to determine the communication goals of the enrollment. We work to find whatever creative solution is necessary to meet those goals.

Print Materials
Although the “green” initiative is becoming the industry standard, we do understand that some populations still need hard-copy educational materials. We can provide letters, memos and employee Benefits Booklets when needed to serve our clients’ employees.