Benefits Enrollment and Admin

Many employers are still processing their open enrollment or new hire transactions on paper. Paper enrollments create a myriad of challenges including: incomplete information, missing paperwork, HIPAA compliance issues, data-entry errors and length of time to compile and process all information. These issues do not even account for the extreme burden placed on a company’s HR staff. Our goal is to streamline enrollments by using an electronic enrollment tool; removing as much paper as possible from the process.

Data Management

With our Electronic Benefits Enrollments, we capture all employee eligibility in a robust enrollment platform. We build the system to require all necessary fields of information so there is no risk of incomplete or missing information. When enrollment is complete, all data is extracted from our system and customized to each carrier or payroll vendors’ electronic file specifications. These “snapshot in time” files allow third-party vendors to load elections and changes in a more efficient manner.

Benefits Administration (BenAdmin)

Benefits Administration (BenAdmin) systems provide more robust administrative capabilities for our clients’ HR departments. These systems are typically necessary for larger employers (300+) who have high volumes of new hires and/or mid-year status or life-event changes. BenAdmin provides a 24/7 leave-behind tool for employers to see information about their employees’ coverage and run reports in real-time. Our team brings a wealth of experience in determining the need for and assisting with the roll-out of these platforms. We have placed, built, managed and/or enrolled in more than 10 of the leading platforms in the industry. We have in-house staff who support these systems and strategic alliances that allow us to offer many of these systems at a reduced or fee-neutral basis when appropriate.