Compliance Tools

Compliance Tools

Employer compliance as related to benefits is more complex than ever. It’s also more heavily scrutinized. We have alliances with multiple solution providers to give our customers access to the right tools to keep them out of harm’s way. Many of these solutions can often be offered on a no-cost or reduced cost basis through our relationships.

ACA Compliance Tools

ACA Compliance is at the top of most employers’ lists. Many have already come up with a solution, but many others have not. E3 continually looks for solutions to provide our clients with the knowledge and protection they need.

ACA Hours Tracking and Reporting Tool
One of our in-house electronic enrollment solutions includes an hours’ tracking module and access to experienced third-party ACA experts. These experts will assist employers with defining measurement and stability periods and file required tax forms on employers’ behalf. Do your clients have too many compliance tasks to keep up with?

Compliance Dashboard
Compliance dashboard makes keeping track-of and completing tasks simple.


Section 125 Compliance

Section 125 Plan Document Creation/Maintenance
We have access to several TPAs who can draft and update Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP) documents. These TPAs also offer reduced pricing for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) administration.

Section 125 Acknowledgments
As a part of our One-on-one enrollment process, we have employees acknowledge their understanding of the benefits and limitations of pre-taxing certain benefits.

Dependent Verification/Audits

Using our Benefits Counselors and Electronic Enrollment tools, we help employers manage dependent eligibility in one of two ways. Dependent Verification involves reviewing dependent eligibility guidelines with employees while having them sign an electronic affidavit that they are only covering truly eligible dependents. A Dependent Audit requires that an employee provide supporting documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) prior to covering a dependent on a plan. We support either process frequently for our clients.

ERISA Compliance

We have an alliance with TASC, a leading ERISA Compliance firm, who can help employers update plan documents, create wrap documents and become fully compliant with the requirements of ERISA.

Tobacco/Spousal Surcharge Affidavits or Acknowledgements

Many employers are looking to add tobacco or spousal surcharges as a way to offset the rising costs of offering a group medical program. We use our Benefits Counselors to reinforce the need for these costs along with affidavit or acknowledgment language drafted by attorneys to ensure employers are protected when administering these surcharges.

CCH HR Answers Now

CCH is a web portal with educational support, templates and guidance on all Human Resource related topics. Access to CCH is offered at no cost for most of our clients through our carrier partners.